The Gentleman Candle AND Tart coming 3/13!

Coming out 3/13 at 7pm EST time is The Gentleman Candle AND a tart version! A fresh citrus scent combined with herbal and woody notes. Limited Edition again, so only 1,500 of the candle and 1,400 of the tart available. Ring sizes men 9-12 with materials including stainless, titanium, silver and gold.

Click the pictures to see more.



I’m eyeing the tart myself. DO NOT WAIT. It sold out pretty quick last time. Any questions, message me on facebook!


New Scents for Jewelry In Candles!

First off, cut off for your candle or wax to arrive by Christmas is 12/01… so get your orders in by then!!

Not all of them are in the shop yet, but they’re getting there! Winter Pine, Christmas Wreath, Frankincense and Myrrh, Merry Mistletoe, Pecan Pie​, Gentleman, Hazelnut Coffee, Honeysuckle, Island Hibiscus, and Tranquility.
I can’t wait to smell the Frankincense, coffee, and Hibiscus ones! Which ones sound awesome to you?

You want to buy one…. I got a coupon code for you! Message me on facebook, mentioning this post and I’ll give you one so you can grab one of these awesome candles for less!


Jewelry In Candles Rep

I am now selling Jewelry In Candles!



You can pick what kind of jewelry you want to receive, ie: ring, necklace, earrings, or random! There is also wax tarts for your warmer if you don’t want a candle(and they’re a little cheaper than the candle.)

Please go check out my website and think about buying some!