Jewelry In Candles Rep

I am now selling Jewelry In Candles!



You can pick what kind of jewelry you want to receive, ie: ring, necklace, earrings, or random! There is also wax tarts for your warmer if you don’t want a candle(and they’re a little cheaper than the candle.)

Please go check out my website and think about buying some!

Easy lunch!

Easy lunch! Chicken stir-fry.

All you need is…
-Bag of frozen chicken
-bag of frozen stir fry veggies (whichever one you want)
-sweet and sour sauce
-Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Long Grain and Wild

Slice up a couple breasts of the frozen chicken and cook it, seasoning to taste. Add your stir fry veggies to chicken with a cup of water, let steam and cook until tender.
Put your Uncle Ben’s rice in the microwave, add to your plate, and add your stir fry mixture on top. Add sweet and sour sauce!

You could also do this for a quick, delicious dinner. My two year old loved it!




My 2 year old daughter’s plate… she insisted I take a picture of hers too.

Hello everyone!

Lame-o introduction post thing.

So, I figured I’d try my hand at running a blog/facebook page. I’ll have giveaways, you can message me questions about anything and I’ll post them on the page for everyone to answer(I’ll delete stupid people/stupid comments), review products, post up freebies, etc.

Please, PLEASE share my page so I actually have people to post to!

Thank you!