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Private Selection Holiday Campaign

Private Selection is a brand at Kroger stores and where I live, it’s Bakers. The prices are a bit cheaper than the “name brand” stuff and tastes just as good, if not better!

I receieved coffee and crackers in the mail with three coupons for olives, sliced cheese, and pasta sauce. All for free!

Coffee smelled amazing! Went to Bakers, got my other free stuff. Tried the garlic & herb monterey cheese…. really good! Original price is about $4.50. I’m saving the crackers, coffee, and garlic stuffed olives (iffy on how these are going to taste) for Thanksgiving. The cheese might last until then… not promising anything though. haha.

Received all this for free from

Fleischmann’s no knead bread mix.

I received a free coupon for the bread mix and tried it the other night with spaghetti.
It was extremely easy to make! All the stuff is already measured and all you had to add was warm water. I should have taken a picture, but I forgot. lol

I have never made bread before and I didn’t mess up at all. You have to wait for the dough to rise. I kept checking when it was in the oven to make sure I wasn’t burning it, being the first time I made this.

It was delicious and my 2 year old daughter even liked it and she usually doesn’t eat just plain bread. My husband and I were thinking of next time, adding some garlic in the dough and when it’s done- slice it and add cheese.
You should definitely try it! It was only 2.98 at my Bakers.