Schick Hydro Campaign!

I received this free razor to try from I currently use the Venus & Olay razor.

The other night I tried it out. I forgot to shave for a couple weeks so it got kinda scary. haha. Used the free razor with no problem! I didn’t use any shaving cream and all the spots I shaved didn’t have any irritation. It came with a shower hanger…. little suction cup and so far it’s stayed up. Last time I tried to use one of those it didn’t stay up for a day.

I think I will still stay with my Venus and Olay razor, though. Definitely keep this one as a back up!

EDIT: The night after I wrote this, I came home and found the suction cup holder and the razor in my bathtub. I got too excited. Oh well, I didn’t think it would stay up that long.