Kroger (Baker’s) Deli Fried Chicken

I had the chance to try out my local Baker’s deli fried chicken for free thanks to They sent me a free coupon for a 8 piece fried chicken, 1.25 liter of Coca-Cola, and one bag of Kroger Kettle Chips.

First reaction- WAY better than KFC…. hands down. Last time I ate KFC it was so greasy and made me literally sick. This chicken wasn’t greasy at all and it was cooked all the way. The skin was nice and crunchy- very flavorful and quite delicious. It was better than what the other grocery stores in my area offered as well, priced a little better too. This would be perfect for a quick pick up dinner or lunch for a picnic.

The chips are also filled with flavor. I picked out the BBQ flavor. They are crunchy but not too hard. I personally don’t like Kettle Chips but these I would buy again. Oh and the Coca-Cola… it’s Coca-Cola. You can’t go wrong with that drink. Perfect combination! The Baker’s I went to did not have it placed by the deli but by the checkouts next to pre-packaged baked chicken. Some stores will have it right by the deli, you just have to check.

If anyone reading this knows me personally… I have coupons for $2.00 off 8-piece fried chicken and 2 1.25 coke bottles. Lemme know if you would like one so you can try their chicken out yourself.


Private Selection Holiday Campaign

Private Selection is a brand at Kroger stores and where I live, it’s Bakers. The prices are a bit cheaper than the “name brand” stuff and tastes just as good, if not better!

I receieved coffee and crackers in the mail with three coupons for olives, sliced cheese, and pasta sauce. All for free!

Coffee smelled amazing! Went to Bakers, got my other free stuff. Tried the garlic & herb monterey cheese…. really good! Original price is about $4.50. I’m saving the crackers, coffee, and garlic stuffed olives (iffy on how these are going to taste) for Thanksgiving. The cheese might last until then… not promising anything though. haha.

Received all this for free from