Kroger Good For You Yogurt Review

I was asked to try these from I received a gift card to my local Krogers to get the flavors I wanted. To be honest, at first… I didn’t think this stuff would taste that great at all. First, my husband and I tried the cinnamon roll. Well, needless to say we’re addicted to it now. It tastes so much like an actual cinnamon roll and it’s good for you too!
The sweet tastes of these yogurts will fill your sweet craving and you won’t have to worry about it being bad for you!
Now, I constantly try to eat one a day but I always fail to keep it up, sadly. I will keep trying and these flavors will definitely help me.
My 2 year old even loves them! She goes in the fridge and grabs one out to give to me with a little smile. If she likes it… it has to be great, right? haha.
Give them a try!! I got mine at Baker’s.

Other flavors I got in my fridge:CARBmaster



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