Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand cream review and manicure/nail polish tips.

I recently got this hand cream from to review. I have yet to do my manicure for this one (gotta do that tonight). Until I do my manicure and post pictures, I will tell you how I do my nails and what with. The cream itself makes your hands, elbows, knees, and feet (what I put it on) very soft immediately after and cures the dryness.

The only nail polish I buy now is Sinful Colors. It dries fast, doesn’t chip quickly like others I have tried, and they have LOTS of beautiful colors to choose from. I find them at Walgreens and now at Walmart. Go look at their site to see what all they have.

Now, lately when I do my nails I can’t just leave them a plain color. I have to put something over top of it like glitter or try to go fancy with a stripe or some sort of shape. When I try to go fancy… it doesn’t always go well. I don’t have the steadiest of hands so it usually comes out crooked or a blob but I try.

Tonight I am going to do my nails in the color ‘Savage’ as the base. It’s kinda a dark aqua color. On top, I’m going to put Pure Ice Spit Fire glitter. I unfortunately haven’t gotten any glitter from Sinful colors yet sooo…. have to do with some old glitter one. Will post pictures after I’m done!



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