Randomness/thoughts at midnight about ‘freebies’.

You know how everyone gets excited about something, right? Well, mine is freebies. Going to go get the mail, in hopes I have some sort of freebie in there excites me. Then saddens me when there’s nothing there. :]

For some of these freebies, you have to be on the computer, watching the clock like a hawk because it’s at a certain time and certain amount of them. I try for all of them but no, I don’t get every single one. When those kind of freebies get posted and people don’t get them, I see them cussing and whining on their page about how they didn’t get something free. Yes, I am a little disappointed that I didn’t get it but I understand why. What I don’t understand is why if someone loves a product or item so much… why don’t they go out and buy it? Once I saw one person post that they’ll never buy their product again because they didn’t get something free. That just literally made me shake my head.

For the freebies I do get, I’m grateful. I realize while taking a shower tonight that all my shampoo, conditioner, and hair products I have where all free. Some of that stuff is pricey and when you’re poor… you can’t always get it. When I look around my apartment and see all the free stuff that I have gotten, it makes me feel good. I helped my husband in a way that I can (besides cleaning, cooking, and taking care of our daughter when he’s at work)- get free stuff that we need/want and save money. It may seem little, but if you add it all up it would be a pretty good amount of money.

Now that I put my randomness about this topic down in typing, I think I should go to bed.
Goodnight to anyone who is reading this. :]



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